Architectural Services

Thorough — I render services that are extensive and complete.

I pride myself in making sure that our ideal design for your project becomes your concrete reality. Thus, I follow your project from concept to completion so that when the dust finally settles, a new room, new addition, or new house is revealed to meet or exceed your expectations.

My explicit drawn and written documents ensure that your project is well conceived before hammer ever hits nail. While your project is under construction, I check that it is being built as planned. And if unforeseen circumstances arise during construction, I am there to help you navigate through the waters of change.

For homeowners already adrift in a quandary about just how to go about their do-it-yourself or future design projects, I offer hourly Design Counseling Services described in the article to the right.

Here’s what clients can expect when working with me:

  • PROJECTS run according to The American Institute of Architects (AIA) guidelines for fostering an orderly sequence of work
  • TARGET CONSTRUCTION BUDGETS set at the outset of projects to account for intended scales and scopes realistically
  • SERVICES tailored to the specific needs of projects
  • FEES priced fairly and competitively

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact me here.

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Design Counseling

Timely — I counsel homeowners who need immediate advice.

I enjoy exchanging ideas about home design. So much so that I offer Design Counseling services to offer homeowners the chance to brainstorm with a design professional on an hourly basis about any home improvement project, whatever the size, type or budget.

Tailored for homeowners who may be under the mistaken impression that architects are only interested in sizeable projects, my services provide you with an element of design that might ordinarily be missing from a weekend renovation project or that could be overlooked during preliminary discussions about larger building projects. Any home improvement project may be an appropriate topic for a Design Counseling session.

Design Counseling is advisory only. If you decide you would like complete architectural services, I can provide them as outlined in the article to the left.

Here’s what homeowners can expect during counseling sessions:

  • PROJECTS discussed at home, right where they are to be built
  • AGENDAS set by homeowners to go over lists of questions and concerns and to review materials that they want me to look at
  • STRATEGIES from me that are attractive, practical and cost-effective and that take into account potential trouble spots

To request a copy of my Design Counseling brochure, please contact me here.